TDVision is the owner of several 3D related patents and proprietary system architectures now part of ISO MPEG standards that will help propel the True 3D media breakthrough in full HD per eye.

Our technology allows true 3D content to be acquired directly using our TDVCam or any other stereoscopic Camera. The content is then encoded and deployed over existing digital pipelines using our TDVCodec, without any loss or detriment on the image, handling full HD per eye and fully compatible with legacy decoders. We achieve this by a method called 2D+Delta, part of the MVC initiative. 2D+Delta content can be decoded by an ordinary PC using our Dejaview and AlterSpace applications, or by means of a seamless integration with 3DTV(TM) and nVidia (TM) Stereoplayers on the PC platform. TDVCodec encoded content can also be decoded by updating the firmware of some SetTopBoxes or by a firmware update to videogame consoles. Legacy decoders will discard the Delta information and will decode full 2D HD. For Videogames and other computer generated content, the 3D information is emulated in realtime with our TDVirtualCam algorithm or off-line for CG stereo render. We call this platform to be TDVReady.

The resulting image is display agnostic, meaning that in can be displayed on any existing stereoscopic 3D display including Full HD Dual Input, Frame Sequential, Line interleaved and Checkerboard without any additional hardware or changes on the display side, at the best native resolution and without any detriment in quality, just download our TDVCodec software to your PC or our firmware update to some STB. The user has now the freedom of choice to select any existing 3D or 2D display method of their preference, so TDVision can enable mass adoption of 3D to the Home, today by servicing both, the the new 3D users as well as the entire 2D legacy world with one single videostream. Ubiquitous, Display agnostic, compatible and driving every display at the best native resolution.

We have enabled our entire technology platform to immerse the user into the action. We started originally with our true 3D HMD TDVisor HD, considered to be the best way to provide the brain with close-to-reality images in a portable, multipurpose, low cost and High Definition device. Nevertheless, we decided to expand our technology to support the new wave of HD stereoscopic displays like DLP, Xpol and Frame sequential 3d formats since we understand the significance of using a group TV instead of a personal Head Mounted Display, the application, the user and the resources determine the right visualization method for each application.

We all have been watching television and playing games in 2D for the last 60 years. No matter how large the screen size is, no matter how high the resolution of the device is, it will never be true to life, until now. TDVision's technology can take the user into the action and feel like you're right there into the game, on the field.

The Videogame industry has strived to provide the video gamer with high quality and realistic images by adding physics, textures and making the game more natural, but they have to present all this in a 2D monitor. Video gamers have always wanted to be into the game, but the display has been the biggest barrier. TDVision can erase the line between reality and virtual environments, we don't even call it virtual reality, we call it The AlterSpace: a place where you can live, work, play and interact in true 3D, just as if you were really there. Seeing is believing, and all the persons who have seen our technology are now believers and supporters of our technology.

TDVision is pretty much what happened with audio going from mono to stereo: Once you use it you don't want to go back. With TDVision you can be anywhere, do anything, anytime, get into any game, travel in space and time, it's like a teletransporter. Our world is 3D, don't go for less.

At TDVision we firmly believe in the great benefits of taking 3D TDVision technology to a mass adoption level, including the PC market, Satellite, Cable, Air, IPTV, Cinema and mobile, opening a whole new gamut of applications and opportunities for Stereoscopic movies, training, PC-based videogames, design studios, and giving a boost to HUIs (human user interface) allowing the user to get a true immersive perception of their work environments, creating a new GUI and taking advantage of the huge changes available in yhe latest versions of Windows Vista, Mac OS and Linux, applying augmented reality and other initiatives to benefit the way we learn, play and interact.

Since the first PC interface (DOS), many improvements had been made and we are convinced that TDVision is the next step, not only for PC's, but also for TV, DTV and Videogame consoles. We believe this convergence is happening right now. No more 2-D flat screens. TDVision can provide the final user immediately with an immersive environment, everywhere, anytime for any application. We created all the pieces of the 3D Ecosystem puzzle since 2003, now the industry is ready, to take the next step, to be TDVReady.